Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hazel's First Foods

I've got a few blog posts to catch up on here before the end of the year and printing my annual book! We recently started feeding Hazel her first baby food...and let me tell ya, she loves it!  Except for the peas, those, not so much.  We started slow with baby oatmeal but it didn't take us long to move through all of the stage 1 foods.  The above picture is one of her very first bites of food...those eyebrows, they slay me! 

At first there was a lot of spitting and very little swallowing, but it didn't take her long to catch on at all!  Now, about 2 weeks after starting she's gulping down baby food like it's her job!  This kid goes through three jars a day.  It seems like a lot to me but I honestly can't remember how much Abby ate at this stage.  

After the oatmeal we tried Apples (above), mostly because it was the only jar of baby food I had in the house.  I hadn't technically planned on starting her that week but one night I forgot to leave some milk unfrozen to mix with the oatmeal so I grabbed a jar of apples and figured we'd give it a shot.  She thought it was super sour but she loved that too.

After the experiment with apples I went out and stocked up so we had some choices.  We went for the veggies first since it's hard to get them to eat veggies after they've had that taste of sweet fruit.  We did peas first, which she gaged on but finished...then did sweet potatoes and carrots next followed by the remaining veggies and onto fruit.  We've had them all now (even prunes) and she's loving it!

It's big moments like these that remind me how fast time flies and how quickly these babies change.  I mean, just a month ago she wouldn't have been able to sit up in this chair and now she's hanging out with us at dinner like she's always been there.  After this holiday weekend and having her around for 4 whole days (instead of at daycare and just home in the evenings) I'm realizing how much she's changing.  She's now intentionally grabbing for things, like her paci and toys and can actually manipulate them into her mouth or switch them from hand to hand.

I was just telling Ryan last night how each time we go to the doctor they list off all of the things she should be doing by our next visit (in two months) and it always seems impossible that she'd be able to change so much, so quickly...but yet, two months pass quickly and we're there, answering "yes" to all of the "does she does this now?" questions and getting a whole new list of things she'll conquer before our next visit.  Stop growing little girl!  Stop it right now!

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