Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

'Tis the season for all things fall and cool weather!  This past weekend we met a bunch of friends at the pumpkin patch by our house, Goebberts.  We took Abby last year and she loved it so we were pretty sure it would be a hit again this year, especially when we added all her little kid friends into the mix.

The weather was pretty cool and I probably should have had Abby bundled up like Parker and Reese were but I was lucky to get her to wear a coat.  This little girl has quite an opinion these days and some fights are just NOT worth the battle.  Unfortunately Hazel was just coming down with a little cold herself so we didn't even take her out the stroller.  We kept her wrapped up and warm the whole time.

At some point I needed to go feed Hazel and wanted to find a warm place to sit down with her so we headed into one of the shelters.  Ryan texted me that he and Abby were going to go down the big slide.  I could hardly believe it.  Abby's such a little scaredy cat that I would have never guessed she'd enjoy that big slide...but she did.  The even went a second time so I could grab a few pictures.
I'm SUPER disappointed that we didn't get an entire group shot.  In addition to Nichole and family, Lauren/Brian/Natalie and Betsy/Pat/Bradley also joined us at the pumpkin patch.  I'm seriously kicking myself for not taking the 5 minutes to set up a group shot.  I said the same thing about not getting a group photo from our big cousins' camping trip this year so I'm warning you all right now.  Be prepared to take the annoying group photo shots when I'm around.  I'm tired of wishing I'd taken the time later one.  But!  I did get this super cute picture of Abby and Parker.  She worships the ground he walks on....future wedding photos???

All in all it was a great day and I'm so excited that as our kids get older our weekends will be filled with more and more activities like this one.  Bring on all things Fall!!!

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