Friday, January 23, 2015

Family Trip to the Water Park

I wasn't a bit surprised when our first encounter at the water park started out with tears. Don't let the picture fool you though, Abby loved our time at the water park. It just takes her awhile to warm up to new things. When we got there Kayden immediately went for the slide so we tried putting Abby down it too....that probably wasn't the best choice. Abby is like me in a lot of ways, she wants to take things at her own pace. She'll get there eventually, but on her own time. After we got over this round of tears she splashed around in the 1-2 inch deep water for awhile avoiding anything that squirted water on or near her. She was perfectly happy playing in ankle deep water.

I'm super disappointed that I forgot my big camera so I was stuck with my iPhone. Honestly, it takes decent pictures especially for being a phone, but it has nothing on my big camera in sport mode where you can catch all the action and none of the blur. So, sadly I only have a few pictures for the water park. We're headed to the Dells in a few months so I promise to remember my camera.

We got to the water park early afternoon on Saturday after a delicious lunch with the family at Vinny Vanucchis. It's one of my favorite restaurants of all time and their garlic bread is to die's covered in butter.

After a few hours at the water park the "big kids" ditched the "little kids" with my parents and we went to a movie!  I haven't been to a movie since Ryan's birthday last year. Seriously, its just not something you do when you've got little one. Or, I should say, it's not something we've made time for in the past year. We went to see Unbroken. It was a great movie, though not a pick-you-up sort of movie.  HA!  The boys loved it though. They sold buckets of beer at the theater so they were set. Joey and I were perfectly happy with our large soda and large popcorn. We got back in time to have pizza with everyone and put the girls down to bed.

The next morning we hit the park again before we had to check out. We were getting every minute out of our time there! Plus, the added benefit of wearing the littles out is hard to resist! We spent a few hours trying out the slides and floating around the lazy river before heading up to the room and packing up. All in all it was a great weekend!

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