Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ritterbusch Family Reunion

Isn't that graphic cute?  My cousin Susie made it right before the family reunion and it has the names of all the Ritterbusch family included.  I love it.  She even said she'd have t-shirts made if we wanted them.  Sign me up!!

Other than everyone getting together for the family reunion Cathy also asked people to bring whatever family photos/memories/memorabilia they had and they set it all out for everyone to look through.  Above is a picture of the family farm that the kids all grew up on.  I think the barn is still standing today though the farm is no longer held within the family.

The Ritterbusch coat of arms.  Note:  At first when I saw it I thought those snakes were pretzels...fitting since I was a Freeport Pretzel in high school.

Cathy did a great job of planning out activities for the group while we were there.  On was this family hike to two waterfalls.  Somehow we got the meet up location wrong though.  We were at the end of the hike while everyone else was at the beginning waiting for us.  Fear not - the solution:  meet in the middle!!

A quick "girls only" photo at the falls.

Aside from the family hike Cathy also helped organize a family kayak trip (no photos of that one, I didn't want a wet camera....and, you guessed, Ryan fell in), a family 5k (my parents were in charge of the finish line...so no running for me *smile), and campfires with smores for the kids every night.

The reunion was so fun and it was great to get together with this fun loving group of people.  We really should do it more often.

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