Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What could be cuter than videos of babies??

This morning Abby was especially smiley so I dug out my video camera to capture it.  She's usually happiest in the morning and there are no shortage of smiles.  She finds it hilarious when you stick out your tongue out at her.  She either starts sticking hers out back at you, or gives you a big old smile. 

Yesterday Abby found her fingers for the first time.  She just stared at them for about a minute opening and closing her fingers.  Today she's starting to consciously hitting her toys with her hand.  She loves the yellow lion on her chair the most.

While uploading the video I shot of Abby today I found one of Kayden that I totally forgot we took.  This was a month or two ago and it was hilarious.  We were sitting at dinner and Mom was holding Kayden at the table.  Mom picked up her wine glass to take a drink and this is what happened.  Enjoy!!

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