Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas is over! Ok, that's a bit harsh, but 2012 is here!

Remember our big beautiful Christmas tree??  Well, today was it's last day inside.  Sadly, Christmas is over and it's time to get our house back to normal again.  I will miss coming home to the smell of pine and having the soft glow of the lights keep me company as I knit my way through December, but, all good things must come to an end and it's time to start the New Year off right, with a nice clean house.

Check out that beautiful trail of pine needles that followed Ryan all the way out of the house.  I'd been watering the tree daily for the first few weeks we had it, and then it slowed down it's thirst a bit and was talking a half of a pitcher a day.  Then, during it's last week, I didn't need to water that baby once!  Now, I see why, it must have been 100% dead when we started taking off the ornaments this morning.  It was a fire hazard waiting to happen!  The down side of having a real tree = pine needles galore!

Check that mess out!  We started with a broom, then grabbed the shop vac and ended with the Dyson.  I have a feeling I'll be finding pine needles around the house for a few weeks to come. 

And, with that, here we come 2012!  2011 had some great highlights including celebrating our 1 year anniversary, Ryan completing his 2nd Ironman, and a few amazing vacations!  As great as 2011 was, I have a feeling 2012 has some great things in store for us.

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